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  • Invoice in PDF format

    We inform you of our update regarding our invoices. From the start of 24.03.2022 all or 90% of the invoices that we will send to our customers will be 100% digital and in PDF format. We will send you either the pdf format by e-mail or a download link by SMS or email too, this to allow you to collect your package once it has arrived and transfer it to your recipient. She will be: Simple Sure Efficient and Quick to send you

  • 2 key figures to know in this month of February

    We have set two new company records in 2022 of more than 900 parcels sent in a single day in West Africa and 2 departures in a single day. On a certain Tuesday, February 08, 2022, we made considerable efforts to the point of setting two records within the company and this with the participation of all our customers as well as our Dream Team who prepared and sent more than 900 parcels in a single day in 2 departures on the same day. It may seem little or trivial this number 2 but for us it represents a common effort, a common achievement, objectives achieved despite several realities and unwavering support from our very dear customers. Records set 900 parcels sent in one day to West Africa by road 2 departures made in one day to West Africa Record 1: 900 parcels 900, 900, 900,900 repeated 4 times in order to review the quantity of packages sent and this number which means a lot to us. Indeed this Tuesday 08 was a special and unforgettable day, the whole team invited to our premises to send packages prepared earlier to West Africa. A new experience for us because we had never sent so many parcels in a single day. Enthusiastic about this experience, we face a constraint related to time, indeed this constraint was only a motivation for all because all the packages had to leave the same evening of departure. Record 2: 2 starts in one day Get used to having a minimum number of 3 departures per month and sometimes 1 departure per week, doing 2 in a single day and at the beginning of the month was a challenge for us. Departure = number of times our trucks, containers, leave to send parcels and goods to different countries we serve in Africa. This could only be achieved with the trust of our customers in us and the dedication of the entire team. EXPRESS CARGO AFRICA. Conclusion For this month and this new year, we hope to double the number of our monthly departures, the number of parcels sent per month, etc. We have set ourselves these goals and hope to make them a reality with the help of our kind customers. You can find out more about our Annual Report 2021 for the objectives set in 2022 and our plans for this new year.

  • Annual Report 2021

    Everything you need to know about the year 2021 at Express Cargo Afrique We have chosen the 2021 annual report to start the Year 2022 and inaugurate our blog of articles, Therefore during this report, you will discover in several ways how we have been able to help our customers and achieve our mission, but not only, you will also discover different innovations implemented, in progress, and future. As well as how we operate to deliver your packages through road and sea transport in the 4 corners of Africa that we serve. Finally, finish with some key figures. Over the last 11 months of 2021, we have been faced with several situations and as a company whose mission is to help traders and individuals send their goods safely from Morocco to sub-Saharan Africa. it was our duty to carry out our mission throughout the year while ensuring that our customers were satisfied, despite the ups and downs. The satisfaction of our customers is a priority and is part of our duty. We have set up several means of communication and other ongoing projects in order to stay close to our customers and fulfill our mission as well as possible. NB: This report takes into account the period from June 2021 to November 30, 2021. Summary In four chapters you will discover and know more about the company, how we approach maritime transport and international transport. Not only with key figures you will understand the efforts and means put in place to bring us closer to our customers, to improve ourselves as a company evolving in a very competitive field. Who are we ? Mission Values Vision 2. Truck transport Key figures 3. Maritime transport Key figures 4. Key figures & Innovation. Omnichannel communication 1. Who are we ? Since our establishment in 2019, we have worked with many clients all over Africa. Need experienced professionals at your service? We take special care in recruiting our employees. We carry out all projects efficiently and on time, and do our utmost to establish lasting relationships with our customers, all to ensure maximum and optimal security in the transport of parcels and goods throughout Africa. Mission Express Cargo Afrique's mission is to help traders, businesses and individuals send their goods and parcels safely from Morocco to sub-Saharan Africa in a timely and safe manner. Values For us, nothing is more important than the security of our customers' packages and goods, and punctuality and professionalism are part of our DNA, which is why our customers and their satisfaction is and will remain our priority. these 4 fundamental values of the company constitute our motivation. Security Punctuality Professionalism Sense of hearing Vision We know the different problems encountered by African traders, the exchange of goods between different countries and the free exchange of goods between African countries is an asset that African international trade professionals and countries should think about and with a view to seeing this will happen in the near future Express Cargo Afrique's vision is to be a major player in facilitating the transport of goods for traders between different African countries. 2. Truck transport In 2021 our road transport service was doing well, after a covid-19 crisis in 2020 where several borders were closed and paralyzing the international transport sector, we saw our activity launch and do well in the different destinations we do. We regained the trust that our customers had in us, we increased our number of parcel shipments, our monthly and annual departures, as well as the number of our customers. These figures are for us a benchmark and a motivation that allows us to improve, innovate and fulfill our mission. Key figures NB: This report takes into account the period from June 2021 to November 30, 2021. Number of departures in 2021 per month As you can see the number of departures from August has been constant, this shows that we have kept a minimum number of 1 departure per week and an average of 3.14 departures per month, for a total of 22 departures in 7 months. Destinations completed in 2021 Mauritania Mali Ivory Coast Burkina Faso Niger Senegal Guinea Conakry Number of parcels sent per Country Mali & Mauritania : 3189 parcels sent in 2021 Ivory Coast : 5402 parcels sent in 2021 Burkina Faso & Niger : 1200 parcels sent in 2021 Senegal : 11 parcels sent in 2021 Guinea Conakry : 604 parcels sent in 2021 As you can see we were able to send a total number of 10,406 parcels across 7 West African countries. NB: Senegal is one of the countries that we started in 2021. 3. Maritime transport In 2021, our maritime transport service got off to a good start, ambitions we had, projects around maritime transport that we wanted to set up were seen to materialize in a safe and non-rushed way. Key figures To open the ball we made 4 departures including 3 departures in October and 1 departure in September, in these different destinations: Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Brazzaville Gabon Angola Cameroon We were able to send a total of 662 parcels by container through these 5 Central African countries. 4. Key figures & Innovation Omni-channel communication In 2021, our Marketing & Technology department and the entire Express Cargo Africa team worked to digitize certain company services and be as close as possible to our customers. Among these innovations within the company you will discover some in progress, future and others already realized. We thought of all the people, companies and merchants who are looking on the Internet for a reliable, professional and attentive transport company that ships to Sub-Saharan Africa from Morocco, to do this through our Google and Bing professional profiles. can contact us, follow directions to our office and get easier access to our website. Newsletter Marketing As some can see, since November 2021 we have set up a communication system by e-mail ( between us and our customers in order to inform them of different dates of our departures, the arrivals of their packages. and other information that may be of interest to them. Customer service (WHATSAPP) As you can see, we have set up a communication system on WhatsApp which allows customers to contact us and chat with the team instantly, and many of you have contacted us, whether for information on your parcels, the countries we serve, etc. Facebook & Instagram Since we created our Facebook & Instagram account, many of you have written to us as well as subscribed to our pages and followed in real time the live streams of our departures, company news, etc. Future plans In the coming months we will allow our customers to search from our website for the exact location of their parcels and that just by inserting the code found on their invoices and on their parcels. In the coming months we will allow our customers and different people who would like to try our services to evaluate the prices of the different goods they would like to send to different destinations and this from our website. In the coming months we will be implementing a mobile application that will link us with our customers and allow us to stay close to them just as we have done by setting up several communication channels.

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  • Transport Of Parcels And Goods | Express Cargo Africa

    E-COMMERCE Express Cargo Afrique offers an E-commerce service to companies and individuals operating in sub-Saharan Africa. Register and Learn more Who are we ? TRACK YOUR PACKAGE Tracking TRAVEL DATES See dates ESTIMATE Get a quote +5 Years of experience +29.867 Parcels sent in 2022 +10 African countries OPENING TIME Come meet us Monday - Thursday: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday: 9.30 a.m. - 12 p.m. 2-6 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. GET A QUOTE Are you a company ? write to us and get a fair and guaranteed price whether for sea or road air freight West Africa arrow&v Maritime transport See our types of transport Truck transport See our types of transport West Africa arrow&v Central Africa arrow&v Air Transport See our types of transport Central Africa arrow&v Import a file Import a supported file (max. 15 MB) Send Thank you for what you sent ! Devis OUR TESTIMONIALS At EXPRESS CARGO AFRIQUE, we strive to put ourselves in our customers' shoes when they call on us, in order to try to understand them as well as possible and to offer them an appropriate service. Take a look below to see what our customers are saying about us. Read the testimonial NEWS Express Cargo Afrique Mar 30, 2022 1 min Invoice in PDF format Dès le départ du 24.03.2022 la totalité ou 90 % des factures que nous enverrons à nos clients seront 100% digitale et en format PDF. Express Cargo Afrique Feb 11, 2022 2 min 2 key figures to know in this month of February Nous avons établi deux nouveaux records au sein de l'entreprise en 2022 soit plus de 900 colis envoyés en une seule journée. Express Cargo Afrique Jan 26, 2022 5 min Innovation Annual Report 2021 Everything you need to know about the year 2021 at Express Cargo Afrique. TRACK YOUR PACKAGE Tracking TRAVEL DATES See dates ESTIMATE Get a quote


    EVALUATE OUR SERVICES Are you satisfied? You can respond anonymously, without entering your contact details. Would you recommend us to friends? Yes No Give us a rating Bad Not bad Good Very Good Excellent Give us a rating How did you hear about Express Cargo Africa? Social networks Friend By sales representatives from Express Cargo Africa Others Which country are you answering from? I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Send Thank you for what you sent ! Share and follow us on our social networks Suivi des Colis TRACK YOUR PACKAGE Tracking TRAVEL DATES See dates ESTIMATE Get a quote


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