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2 key figures to know in this month of February

We have set two new company records in 2022 of more than 900 parcels sent in a single day in West Africa and 2 departures in a single day.

On a certain Tuesday, February 08, 2022, we made considerable efforts to the point of setting two records within the company and this with the participation of all our customers as well as our Dream Team who prepared and sent more than 900 parcels in a single day in 2 departures on the same day.

It may seem little or trivial this number 2 but for us it represents a common effort, a common achievement, objectives achieved despite several realities and unwavering support from our very dear customers.


Records set

  • 900 parcels sent in one day to West Africa by road

  • 2 departures made in one day to West Africa

Record 1: 900 parcels

900, 900, 900,900 repeated 4 times in order to review the quantity of packages sent and this number which means a lot to us.

Indeed this Tuesday 08 was a special and unforgettable day, the whole team invited to our premises to send packages prepared earlier to West Africa.

A new experience for us because we had never sent so many parcels in a single day.

Enthusiastic about this experience, we face a constraint related to time, indeed this constraint was only a motivation for all because all the packages had to leave the same evening of departure.

Record 2: 2 starts in one day

Get used to having a minimum number of 3 departures per month and sometimes 1 departure per week, doing 2 in a single day and at the beginning of the month was a challenge for us.

Departure = number of times our trucks, containers, leave to send parcels and goods to different countries we serve in Africa.

This could only be achieved with the trust of our customers in us and the dedication of the entire team. EXPRESS CARGO AFRICA.



For this month and this new year, we hope to double the number of our monthly departures, the number of parcels sent per month, etc.

We have set ourselves these goals and hope to make them a reality with the help of our kind customers.

You can find out more about our Annual Report 2021 for the objectives set in 2022 and our plans for this new year.


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